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Free homer donut at work. D’oh! #simpsons #donuts #lfg

Free homer donut at work. D’oh! #simpsons #donuts #lfg


Infinite List Of Favorite Movies
∟Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs [2009] 

Flint: Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had something unique to offer the world if you could just get people to see it? Then you know exactly how it felt to be me.




sometimes “if i fits, i sits” isn’t the best motto.

so is there a scientific animal behaviorist or whatever reason for cats just trying to squeeze into everything?

a clever ruse. don’t fall for it. they’re just trying to avoid responsibility. i rarely see cat owners ask their cats to do the dishes after they attempt these sorts of sheningans, so clearly cats are onto something.